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With offices in over 3 locations APEX Global's experienced team of professionals has delivered energy advice to clients around the world for over 30 years. 

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  1. Russia Evaluation of Kolguev Island Fields (3 separate fields)
  1. Yukon Kotaneelee
    Yukon Kotaneelee
  1. British Columbia NEBC
    British Columbia NEBC
  1. Saddle Lake First Nation Alberta
    Saddle Lake First Nation Alberta
  1. Onion Lake First Nation
    Onion Lake First Nation
  1. Nakoda First Nation
    Nakoda First Nation
  1. Saskatchewan Middale Formation
    Saskatchewan Middale Formation
  1. Poland - Lachowice Evaluation
  1. Ukraine - Evaluation, planning and field operations of gas fields in Western Ukraine
  1. Utah - Uinta and Paradox Basins
  1. Quebec Bas Saint Laurent Parris
    Quebec Bas Saint Laurent Parris
  1. Kazakhstan Evaluation of Kumsai, Kokjide and Mortuk oil fields
  1. Nova Scotia Cumberland
    Nova Scotia Cumberland
  1. France Review of drilling and completion of 4800 metre deep well drilled in Ledeuix
  1. China Full field and corporate evaluation Maling Gansu and Jilin fields and area
  1. Kyrgyzstan Evaluation and due diligence of Kyrgyz opportunity
  1. Albania
  1. Azerbaijan Design of a seven well drilling program in onshore Azerbaijan
  1. Morocco Performed Offshore Drilling
  1. Egypt Evaluation of the offshore Amal, Gamma and Shukhier fields in Egypt
  1. Guatemala Evaluation of drilling prospects in Tortugas and Rubel Santor
  1. Guyana
  1. Australia - Northern Territories Beetaloo Basin Evaluation
  1. Australia APEX conducted a material balance and volumetric analysis on the Louise field in Queensland
  1. Argentina Project consulting and exploitation assistance for Faro Virgenes Field

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