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Apex Global Engineering Inc.
"Energy is our business"

APEX Global Engineering Inc. is proud to introduce our Mentoring Program.  Working with SAIT Polytechnical School and Mount Royal University we have developed a one-on-one approach to assist students with their educational and work goals.


  • An honest work environment - we will tell you what you can expect during your time here.
  • Dedicated mentors - we provide mentors who truly like to teach and give proper guidance and support.  We make time to speak with you one-on-one to ensure your educational and working experience is positive and productive.    
  • Clear instructions - with all our projects, we ensure that each task we assign has detailed explanations, so that you can produce quality work and work independently.  
  • Continued feedback and support - throughout your internship we will provide you with continued feedback and support giving you confidence in the workforce. 
  • Incorporated learning into the program - in addition to your studies in school we will also ensure that you learn the latest information and technological advances this field has to offer.