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Apex Global Engineering Inc.
"Energy is our business"

APEX's team of Geologists understand that an area's geology is an integral part of its technical and economic value.  Our staff has over seventy years of experience in the geophysical and geological disciplines.

As part of our property management, reservoir engineering and evaluations activity, we provide geological and geophysical services. We have our own geophysical workstation in house and we use the latest state of the art geophysical interpretation software.

We have worked closely with our engineering staff in over four hundred projects domestically and internationally. These projects included pure exploration of offshore features and also of single wells in North America. The fields being investigated range from single well fields to fields having in excess of 1700 wells.

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Our Expertise Include

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    Exploration Geology
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    Wellsite Geology
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    Evaluation Geology
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    Development Geology
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    Seismic Interpretation

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