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About Us
Apex Global Provides Petroleum and Energy 
Consulting Services for Clients Globally

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Apex Global Engineering Inc.
"Energy is our business"

Our team of experts has established a worldwide clientele from our headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Our success and continued growth is a reflection of the high standards and professional integrity governing all activities we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Since inception, we have strived to provide professional, realistic, and workable solutions for our clients. 
From inception of a project to its ultimate conclusion, APEX provides highly skilled professionals in all phases.

We will not take on a project which would compromise our professional code of ethics. By adhering to these values, we have been able to continue providing services for over 30 years, both domestically and internationally. We still carry on business with people that started using our firm when we first opened our doors back in 1984. This we believe, is a testament to the trust that our clients have in us. 

Unconventional Resource Development
Unconventional resource development has become a major contributor to increased reserves and production over the entire globe. Sedimentary basins containing unconventional resources in shales, mudstones and carbonates are being explored an developed at an ever increasing pace.
Apex has and is recongnized as a leader in the valuation and operation of unconventional reservoirs. Recently, Apex evaluated and prepared multiple full cycle development plans.
Apex continues to work with its clients to develop viable alternatives using current technologies to maximize value from their resource interests.

What Does APEX do?
We are a full cycle energy company providing a multitude of services to clients


Our Commitment to Safety, The Environment and Our Work​