pplied Petroleum Engineering Expertise

evaluated hydrocarbon basins
around the world.  Recognized as a leader
in oil and gas consulting, Apex Energy Consultants Inc. provide clients with economic evaluations, resource assessments, as well as NI-5101 reports.

- APEX Energy Consultants Inc. Evaluations:




Evaluation of Ballish Mollisht and Cakran Mollaj Fields 

- Reservoir and economic evaluation of deep (4,200 meter) gas condensate
  reservoir (75 wells)

- Reservoir and economic evaluation of shallow heavy oil (190 wells)

- Prepared development plan incorporating facilities and steam injection 

- Evaluate a deep carbonate oil and gas field

- Review drilling and completion operations on a 5400 metre well drilled by
  Petromanas and its partner, Shell International, once reviewed provide  
  conclusions and recommendations of how to improve productivity from the
  well as well as provide a full cycle development plan for the exploitation of the
  fractured limestone reservoir, along with full economic analysis

- Involved an analysis of the drilling operations, subsequent completion and
  putting forth recommendations for re-completion of the well

- We determined that the reservoir in fact was a gas-condensate reservoir, as
  opposed to being either a gas or an oil reservoir, which impacted on the future
  development for the field


             Project consulting and exploitation assistance for Faro Virgenes Field 

- Field development assistance

             - Material balance and reservoir planning

             - Review and analysis of pressure testing, production profiles and log

             - Field gas gathering pressures were evaluated

             - Recommendations provided relative to compression and well
             - Economic evaluations were conducted 


 Engineering studies and design of horizontal well re-entry

- APEX conducted a material balance and volumetric analysis on the Louise field
  in Queensland

- Based on the estimates of original oil in place and remaining oil in place, a well
  re-entry program was designed and managed


                             Design of a seven well drilling program in onshore Azerbaijan
                             - Design of shallow and intermediate wells to be drilled on new fields

                             - Preparation of drilling contracts and rig specifications

                             - Conducted field supervision and management through completion


Full field and corporate evaluation Maling Gansu & Jilin fields and arear

- Conducted detailed historical review of wells and geology

- Prepared full corporate files of field for client

- Reviewed Production Sharing Agreement and provided recommendations

- Provided detailed economic evaluation of opportunity with downside and upside

- Field visits for due diligence, data gathering and operation review

- Provided project report and recommendations


Evaluation of the offshore Amal, Gamma and Shukhier fields in Egypt

                            - Conducted studies of well drillings and completion techniques

                            - Recommended optimal techniques

                            - Reviewed production facilities for optimal production

                            - Provided recommendations on operations 


- Review of drilling and completion of 4800 metre deep well drilled in Ledeuix

- Involved the review the Ledeuix field located in southern France

- Along the process of the valuation we evaluated the drilling, completion, logs, flow tests and concluded that the well had not been  
  optimally completed as the reservoir was a fractured limestone reservoir.

- We subsequently provided a full cycle development plan complete with drilling and completion recommendations, well spacing and even potential surface equipment requirements.


Evaluation of drilling prospects in Tortugas and Rubel Santor

                 - Cost estimating and drilling program preparation

                 - Economic evaluation

                 - Production purchase feasibility

                 - Evaluation and preparation of terms


Evaluation of Deep Fan Prospects E & F Offshore Guyana

- Geological valuation along with design and execution of offshore        
  seismic program.  Valuation of resulting seismic data

- Design of drilling program, contract preparation, and procurement of
   equipment and personnel for drilling operations

- Preparation of development program complete with reserves,        
  required wells, facilities and offshore storage

Drilling of 4,200 metre (13,750 feet) well, offshore Guyana, in 90 feet of
water, and drilling of 3 onshore wells to 2,901 feet, 6,337 feet, and
6,442  feet

- Preparation of tender documents, contracts, negotiation of bids, and
  contracts.  Procurement of personnel for the drilling of offshore

- Rig inspection, supervision of in country services and expedition of all
  services required for drilling operations

- Well site supervision of drilling operations

Evaluation of feasibility of onshore exploitation on Brazilian border well
in a remote location

- Evaluate fiscal terms and complete fiscal modeling of a project

Biomass was used as an alternative energy


Evaluation of Kumsai, Kokjide and Mortuk oil fields

                             - Valuation of and preparation of development plan for 3 existing fields

                             - Reviewed in detail 120 wells in 3 fields

                             - Evaluated potential from all fields

                             - Made recommendations of future development plans

                             - 35 MW Cogeneration facility in Kumkol, Kazakhstan

                             - Conducted feasibility studies

                             - Designed facility

                             - Sourced material, inspected equipment

                             - Conducted project planning and installation


Evaluation and due diligence of Kyrgyz opportunity

- Assist in reviewing corporate acquisition and farm-in opportunity
- Field visit and tour of potential producing properties
- Evaluate field operations

- Evaluate overall terms and agreements
- Provide upside opportunities and recommendations
- Provide economic and business evaluation


                                                                                                      - Performed offshore drilling
                                                                                                      - Economic evaluation

                                                                                                      - Wellsite supervision

- Evaluation of Koguyev Island Fields (3 separate fields)

- Valuation of reserves, economics and preparation of development plans
  for 33 fields on an island located in the Barrents Sea (offshore Russia)

- Evaluation of Chernovskoye, Siskovnoya, and Yakshorboydinska fields

- Valuation of deep (4000 meter) gas condensate reservoir and shallow
   gas field;  design of drilling testing and facilities for both fields

- Evaluation of Lekker Field, Komi Perm Region

- Valuation of drilling and completion techniques used by clients

- Optimizing and recommending changes in field programs and practices


Conducted corporate and project evaluation, planning and field   
                 operations of gas fields in the Western Ukraine

                 - Fields: Sloboda Rungerska Monastyretska, Andryivska, Krasnoyilske and

                 - Reviewed development and optimization potential

                 - Advised on development timing, exploitations and reservoir planning 

                  - Conducted corporate and project evaluations

                 - Provided recommendations

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