Applied Petroleum Engineering Expertise

APEX Energy Consultants Inc., a

Production Engineering company providing clients with:

- Acquisition and Divestiture
- Alternative Energy
- Environment
- Geological and Geophysical Services
- Production Engineering and
- Project Management
- Reservoir and Economic Valuations

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The APEX Difference

Since inception, we have tried to provide realistic solutions for our clients. There are many scenarios which may be technically possible, but they may not be economically feasible.

Prior to starting a project we will determine if we think the project is sound, both technically and economically. If in our opinion the project does not satisfy our standards of commitment, then we disclose our concerns to our clients. If the client insists that they wish to proceed, then we will withdraw. We will not take on a project that we would not invest our own funds in or that would be against our values.

            These values are quite simple:

            - The project must be technically achievable
            - It must have minimal negative impact on the environment.

We will not take on a project which would compromise, as professionals, our engineering code of ethics which we have sworn to uphold. By adhering to these values, we have been able to continue providing services for over 30 years, both domestically and internationally. We still carry on business with people that started using our firm when we first opened our doors back in 1984. This we believe, is a testament to the trust that our clients have in us. 


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